Personal experiences

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Aborted women often sustain injury which lasts a lifetime. Not only a chance of physical repercussions (inability to have more children, bleeding, perforated uterus and risk of breast cancer) but psychological injury.  The following are some real life experiences of aborted women:
  • Abortion case history Julia's story of her daughter and grandchild, both of whom died as a result of abortion
  • Kelly Klinger's story  - Kelly had 2 abortions and suffered with post traumatic stress and complications
  • Victories of the heart - Sarah's story and other almost aborted babies who are happy and alive
  • Men and abortion - how abortion affects men
  • Stephanie Some choices women would rather not have available - late term abortion experience
  • St Gianna Molla, MD Physician who said her baby's life came first - she died rather than abort and now is a saint. The daughter she saved with her life, is now a physician and spokesperson for life and her mother!
  • Heroic mother in the UK - this mother refused cancer treatment for the health of her baby.