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Victories of the Heart

These babies were going to be aborted by their mothers and then, the mothers changed their minds when they learned more about abortion and their babies. They are, today, happy and healthy babies!

Sarah spared from the abortionist's knife

Betty Smith couldn't believe she was pregnant again. They already had several children and life was hard enough. Abortion seemed to be the only solution to her problem. She had the procedure done and went on with her life. A few months after her abortion Betty was reading a book that was in her lap, when all of the sudden, the book jumped. To her utter astonishment she realized that she was still pregnant. The doctor confirmed that the abortion had been successful-a baby was indeed killed. The only explanation was that there could have been a twin. The Doctor vehemently denied the possibility that a twin could have survived the abortion. But there was no denying that a living, kicking baby was inside Betty's womb. The doctor offered to rectify the situation right away with another abortion but Betty refused. She knew that she had a child within her, and this child was a miracle from God. Betty gave birth to little Sarah, and as to be expected after almost being aborted, there were complications. Sarah had to spend months in a full body cast and undergo dozens of surgeries to try to undue the damage of losing amniotic fluid and the incredible trauma of the abortion. But all the physical struggles couldn't match the hardship of losing her twin brother to abortion. "Why him and not me?" she would often ask herself. "Why abortion at all?" The emotional scars between Betty and Sarah are something that only God could heal. Today Sarah is a beautiful, vivacious medical student. Sarah sings and shares her testimony all over the country, which is pretty incredible considering that if the abortion had been successful, she wouldn't be alive today.

Sarah is almost 25 years old; as old as Roe vs. Wade. For almost 25 years she has been a living reminder that Roe vs. Wade was not about legalizing "choice". Instead it is about taking the life of little Sarah, her twin brother and 36 million babies like them. Anyone who knows Sarah knows that God has a purpose and a plan for her life that not even an abortionist's knife could cut short.

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