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  • Abortion: Questions and Answers Jack Wilke MD - note this used to be up on Ohio Right to Life and now is unavailable on the web - ORTL probably took it down because it was poorly formated (no HTML tools in those days) and because it is somewhat outdated as it contains no information newer than 1990 - except where I have notated in this version, but I feel it is important to look at it - there are many medical cites which have been confirmed in modern studies over and over and this gives the early evidence against abortion confirming that even when Roe V Wade came down, abortion was considered unethical, and medically unsound and dangerous for the woman. Old as it is, it remains one of the most carefully researched books available. These are excerpts - the entire book is available on some pro life websites and I have added some notes and references to some of the newer research not originally included in the book. It still remains one of the best books on abortion ever written:
    • Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 5: when does human life begin - should the unborn baby be considered a person, philosophically and under the law and physically
    • Chapter 4: History of abortion - did the Catholic church oppose it - how about the early fathers of the USA?
    • Chapter 6 and 10: Supreme Court decision and early attempts to reverse it and Fetal Pain
    • Chapters 12-13: types of abortion, late physical complications, the medical information about abortion and comparison of abortion and other types of surgery
    • Chapter 14: under reporting of death and early complications
    • Chapter 16: Late physical complications for the mother, subsequent pregnancies etc
    • Chapter on Euthanasia

Cloning and Fetal Research/Baby parts market

RU 486 or chemical abortion