Dr Wilke's letter about the sale of aborted baby organs

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Dr Wilke's letter about the sales of dead babies by abortuaries for 'fetal tissue' use:


Executive Director

Dear Pro-Life Friend:

  • A batch of eyes going out by UPS.
  • A shipment of 30 livers by Federal Express.

I can't believe this is happening - and routinely. These are real baby parts, often from live born babies who had been delivered by Partial-Birth abortion. I think it would be an understatement to say that I'm shell-shocked. I've been at the forefront of the pro-life battle for decades. Not much surprises me - until recently.

I must caution you. What I'm about to share with you is upsetting. I never thought that the abortion industry would go this far.

Recently a young woman has come forward to tell a horrifying account of what she has seen, and to an extent been part of in some of the abortion chambers across the nation. Her identity is concealed because she fears for her life should those in the killing centers find out that she is sharing their dirty, deadly secrets.

"Kelly" is part of a team that travels to abortion chambers to, in her words, "dissect and procure fetal tissue for high quality sales." In other words, they harvest body parts from recently aborted babies. The list of marketable part is considerable and includes eyes, livers, blood, brains, pancreatic cells, etc.

Each day Kelly and her team are given a wish list by university and pharmaceutical researchers. They then compare this list to the patient charts in the abortion chamber, determining which organs can successfully be harvested that day.

In fact the abortionist will even look at the team's list of desired body parts and customize the abortion technique to accommodate their requests. Kelly said, "All the limbs, the arms, the head, the chest cavity were never invaded. They were all completely intact."

The abortionists have a financial incentive to provide useable tissue because the procurement company gives the-abortion chamber a year-end bonus as a reward for "good specimens." The babies' organs are sold to a middleman, who sells them to university and pharmaceutical research laboratories.

Imagine having a career that consists of buying and selling organs of innocent aborted babies - like they were dealing in auto parts! Can our nation slide any deeper into the gutter of moral decay?

These babies are victims of late term abortions - as late as 30 weeks into a 40-week pregnancy. This means that many or most of these babies are viable and are often born alive. Kelly remembered one particularly horrifying incident, which was a turning point in her macabre profession. An abortion resulted in 24-week-old twins, lying in a steel pan, moving and gasping for air. The abortionist looked down and announced, "Got'ya some good specimens - twins," handing them over to the team.

Aghast, Kelly said that she would be no part of killing these babies.

The abortionist proceeded to pour sterile water into the pan until it covered the babies' nose and mouth, drowning them. Unable to watch, she fled from the room.

Live births became an often-repeated occurrence. But that didn't stop the abortionists. These tiny, helpless babies were no match for their killers.

Kelly reported that sometimes "the [abortionist] would break the neck or take a pair of tongs and basically beat the fetus until it was dead.

"Sometimes the fetus appeared to be dead, but when you opened up the chest cavity you saw the heart beating."

The continued live births are what moved Kelly to come to pro-life leaders. Kelly further detailed how they often transported these body parts in various ways. A "batch of eyes" may be shipped by UPS. "30-40 livers going out that day" by Federal Express. They've even express mailed the entire intact body of a late term baby. "There were mass quantities going out." She says the shipping companies have no idea what they're delivering. The cargo is marked "human cells," a sanitary and neutral label. The abortion industry tells us that late term abortions are rare and used only for medically necessary reasons. In a week's time, Kelly saw the bodies of 30-40 late term babies, 20 to 30 weeks old - with some nearly full-term pregnancies. She said that 90% were perfectly healthy babies. After all, they didn't want defective tissue and would not accept those with deformities.

What would they do with the left over parts, or babies they couldn't use? They put the "rest of the baby down the disposal if possible."

If the baby is too large they accumulate 60-70 bodies in a special freezer "to be picked up every month for incineration." I can't tell you how painful it is for me to put these atrocities on paper.

I know it must be as difficult for you to read this. But we must tell others how far the abortion industry will go to line their pockets with blood money and further abortion-on-demand. In the past it's been hard for us in the pro-life movement to understand why Planned Parenthood and other radical pro-abortion groups would go so far to support the inhumane Partial-Birth abortion procedure. Now we know why the abortion industry has a vested interest in keeping partial birth abortions legal. They need this grisly procedure so that they can get intact bodies in order to harvest and sell the body parts of babies they kill.

During a regular Partial-Birth abortion the abortionist delivers all but the head of the child. He then jabs a pair of scissors into the back of the baby's head and suctions out the brains, killing the child.

But, if the abortionist's goal is to make added money from selling parts of the baby, he may allow the baby to be born alive in an effort to preserve as much marketable tissue as possible.

How do we know these accusations are true? Life Dynamics, the pro-life organization that conducted the interview, has obtained documentation that confirms Kelly's statements. But it's an ongoing investigation and Kelly is still working within abortion industry to gather more incriminating evidence. If these documents were made available now, her true identity would be revealed and the flow of information would stop. You and I know the urgency of this situation. Further, I know that you love these unborn babies as much as I do, so we need to protect their lives. The goal of my letter isn't to repulse you with these gory details. I hesitate to write them at all. But we must do all that we can to protect society's most vulnerable member of the human family from the atrocities happening behind closed abortion chamber doors.

Life Issues Institute must immediately get this new information out to the entire pro-life movement. We have a direct line to the pro-life movement and millions of people through our publications and radio programs. Armed with the facts, we and the rest of the pro-life movement can make a stronger case against Partial-Birth abortion.

More Americans and members of Congress will oppose abortion as they learn this horrible deadly secret of the abortion industry, that the main reason to keep Partial-Birth abortion legal is to obtain big intact babies, often live ones, to sell as body parts.

These babies and I are counting on you to be moved to help protect their lives. So much is at stake. Your urgent support is needed so that we can educate millions of Americans to this newest atrocity of abortion and stop its deadly spread.

Sincerely for LIFE,

J. C. Wilke, MD

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The actual interview with Kelly revealing this atrocity is available on a video by Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics.