cloning so far not real successful in producing healthy animals

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Well, they've cloned a couple more animals but they've discovered a flaw in the process. Half the cloned animals die.

No one has figured out why. And this has somewhat baffled scientists.

Cloning is accomplished by taking the nucleus out of a female egg and injecting a nucleus from a cell from the animal they wish to clone.

Evidentially, enzymes in the egg cell 'turn on' all the genes in the foreign nucleus and a new individual results.

But half of the clones die.

Some scientists are saying that because of this, cloning is not appropriate for humans.

On the good side of cloning, the so-called cloned sheep, Dolly has had her third litter. Problem is that the scientists who cloned Dolly, later admitted that she wasn't quite cloned. In other words, she doesn't count (not in the cloning area... in the cuteness realm, she rates high).

UPDATE: Dolly died young for a sheep and she had a lot of unsheeplike illnesses like arthritis etc.