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One of the biggest concerns of the abortion industry is the attrition rate among abortionists.  Many abortionists have stated in interviews that they are plagued with nightmares of crying babies, and are not respected by their fellow physicians. The suicide rate and felony conviction rate among abortions appears to be higher than in the general population.

A brochure put out by an organization called "Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health" (which is of course, a group of abortionists - one wonders why the only choice ever considered by the abortion providers is --- abortion) is called "Why I provide Abortions" and features several physicians talking about their choice to end fetal life.

One of their brochures, why I provide abortions, has quotes from some of their members. As I read these quotes, I was amazed at the contradictions and misrepresentations contained within.  They are reproduced here with my comments:

From Eric Schaff in Rochester, NY:

"The desire to control one's destiny is fundamental. The physician's role is to help our patients have healthier and more productive futures. 

The first sentence really seems to show his need to "play God".  But if his role is to help patients be 'healthier' why is he advocating a surgery which is totally unnecessary and carries some nasty side effects like a much higher incidence of breast cancer and a 25 percent chance of bleeding to death and/or sterility.

An unintended, unwanted pregnancy can be devastating and foreclose a woman's life options. Simply advocating for abortion services for my patients often left me helpless.

Why is the birth of a child a "devastating" event when it has been proven that pregnancy even greatly enhances the health of the mother?  Today women are told to not 'rest' from the birth control pill to simulate more pregnancies because the woman's body is such that the healthiest state is to have 10 or more pregnancies. (Ovulation, if it happens too often, tends to cause women to go into menopause early and have other bad side effects). A recent study showed that during pregnancy, women actually add synapses to their brains (it takes a lot of brain to handle several kids!).  So, even  healthwise a pregnancy is a good thing - this is not even taking in consideration what devastation it can cause to a woman to destroy her own baby.  The bumper sticker put out by the pro choice movement is poignantly clear:  "MY BABY, MY BODY, MY CHOICE".  Not "my product of conception", not my "contents of the uterus" but "MY BABY"!  Bottom line - as soon as a woman says "My Baby", she's bonded with her child.  Seems to me it would be a no brainer that terminating "MY BABY" would be FAR MORE devastating than any "unplanned" pregnancy.  Would we say, "well, I won the lottery but it was unplanned so this is devastating me"?  No way... then, are we saying a human life is any less precious than a bunch of money?

Now, the ability to provide this critical health service has been empowering to my patients and to myself as a physician."

Most serial killers describe a high when they realize they have the ultimate choice of life and death over their victims. But in the long run, IS it truly empowering?  Research showed abortionists to be riddled with depression, substance abuse and poor relationships in their private lives.  Several, including Dr Brian Finkel, have been convicted of felony - sexual molestation, criminal negligence and similar criminal acts.

From Elizabeth Karlin, MD (1944 to 1998) in Madison, WI :

"I do what I do because I am convinced that being a mother is the hardest job there is, women know they have to gather their strength if they choose to become mothers.

This from a person who spent 12-14 years of her life, 12 hours or more a day, becoming a physician.  Is something being difficult a reason to not do it?  Ms Karlin is contradicting herself here because being a physician is STILL more difficult than being a mother.

From Wayne L. Goldner, MD in Manchester, NH:

... All women deserve the right to reproductive choice and the availability of safe and legal abortions. I am determined to continue to provide a full range of health care to my patients."

First of all, it's a no brainer that "reproductive choice" takes place BEFORE conception.  After conception that choice has already been made.  Secondly, although Dr Goldner OFFERS a 'full range' of health care for his patients, it's likely that he's only doing abortions since no one wants to go to an abortionist for "other" medical care.  Third, the definition of healthcare is making someone well. Since abortion has been proven extremely risky for the mother, immediately (25 percent serious complication - see Wilke, MD) and in the long run psychologically as well as the risk of breast cancer (see Crutcher, Wilke, Reardon and more), it is very questionable to consider it "healthcare".

From Pablo Rodriguez, MD in Providence, RI:

"... It is unreasonable that doctors are discontinuing the provision of a necessary medical service simply out of fear."

"Fear" is not the reason I've heard abortionists give for leaving the field.  Some of the reasons they give are:

1. peer pressure

2. mental distress

3. a desire to heal people in general practice (as mentioned before, even pro choicers tend to not request medical care from the doctors who killed their unborn babies)

3. No reason (i.e. they just close their doors and exit stage right)

But many who have been interviewed say that they ceased doing abortions for moral reasons because the abortion results in the death of the unborn baby.


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