How the media abuses life

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Part II - How the Media Abuses Life

In three weeks, as many children die from surgical abortion alone, as all Americans killed in Viet Nam over 11 years (57,000.) Over 45 million children have lost their lives this barbaric way since 1973. Countless others have lost theirs to abortive drugs and devices. If one were to compare Viet Nam's war dead (57,000) to only the children surgically killed, a memorial of the same width as that in Washington D.C for Viet Nam's soldiers would be over one mile high for the unborn. Incomprehensible is the children's holocaust.

The following explains.


"Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light

for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter." Isaias 5:20

Dear Friend of Life,

Life is not an issue, debate or something to censor, it's the right on which all others depend. Vast are the ways the media abuses this most precious human right. They need to be recognized. The following explains a few.

Deceptive Semantics

This is the case when the word "right" is misapplied to killing. Here, at least five different terms exist in the media's lexicon, such as "right" to abortion, women's "rights", "right" to choose, "right" to the body, and reproductive "rights." At the same time, they virtually never apply this word to life and to be born. Unwillingness to apply the word right with life and insistence on misusing it with killing unborn children, illustrates their heinous support of abortion. Other deceptions are that killing is not genuine "feminism," killing is not "health care" for women and killers don't act as "doctors" when they commit murder. Doctors save life. Abortionists take it.

Virtual Censorship of

1) The unborn child, including:
A) Pictures of them in-utero and depictions of their humanity.
B) Their destruction.

2) The subject of the Right to Life:
This is the most fundamental right of all. It's always ignored.

3) Harm to women, including:
A) The crime of forced abortion in China.
B) Greatly increased breast cancer rates, shown in many national and international studies.
C) Psychological harm.
D) Coercing women into abortion, (e.g. Rae Carruth, Steven Pack, Robert Blake).

4) Anything positive about pro-life people or the movement, including:
A) Conversion of people who were instrumental instituting abortion such as Bernard Nathanson, the founder of "NARAL" and Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade. B) The heroism of Joan Andrews Bell, unjustly arrested more than 200 times for non-violently blocking abortion site entrances to save human life.
C) The peacefulness of the Right to Life movement when compared to other movements.
D) The deep charity of pro-life people who reach out to pregnant women in crisis situations.

5) Interviews with:
A) Adopted children.
B) Children who have survived abortion (Gianna Jesson and Sarah Smith).
C) Children saved from abortion by sidewalk counseling efforts.
D) Women who have had abortions and regret it. (Women Exploited by Abortion - Silent No More - Lumina).

6) The word killing:
You will note that the mass media never uses this word for something which is always the case and always the intent.

Manipulating Sympathy

Here, embryonic stem cell "research" proponents, such as Michael J. Fox are presented, while its opponents, like police officer Steven McDonald, who suffer from debilitating nerve damage, are not. Advances in adult stem cell research, where much progress has been made is generally ignored also to keep the public from turning against the embryo's destruction. Moreover, describing the embryo's humanity or that this is the life we once were, is censored. All are media tactics to devalue the embryo and leave the false impression that their lives are expendable for others to use.

Disparaging Pro-life People / Acclaiming Child Killing Supporters

This is the case when pro-lifers are typified as "extremists." Also, the term abortion "rights" implies that people who oppose abortion are bigots, since anyone opposed to a human right is a bigot.

In reality, defending life is central to human good and killing is the most extreme act of all. Also God is the giver of human rights, not the media. Children who are chemically killed by salt poison, have their brains suctioned out of their heads or get ripped limb from limb, reveals heartlessness hard to imagine. More human life has been destroyed by abortion than any other way. Over 45 million children have been lost to surgical abortion alone in America since 1973. Those who support it are extremists in the deepest sense, yet they are called people for "rights" by America's media. Its descriptives are backwards.

Presenting the Objective as Subjective

Although the media are staunch abortion defenders, at times they do allow peripheral pro-life commentary. Even so, deception remains when they combine it with pro-abortion commentary. Why? Because when something is objectively wrong, it needs to be presented that way. Racism is one area where the media properly responds. Articulate people could be found to advance racism, but the media doesn't present them. They know it's objectively wrong. Trent Lott and Jimmy the Greek are cases in point. When the media presents pro-abortion commentary along with pro-life commentary, killing is put into a subjective context and its evil becomes clouded. Murder is not subjective. Like racism, and even more profoundly so, it's wrong. Therefore, it must be presented that way to be objective.

Other Deceptions

The mass media have an enormous number of tricks to make abortion look favorable and protecting life unfavorable. Its editors often censor the strongest pro-life points. On guests, they can present two abortion supporters to one pro-life advocate and give them twice the time. Since they ask the questions they frame the subject in the context they want and as a rule use pro-lifers against themselves. No one is more masterful at disguising murder and no one epitomizes the prophets words more about calling evil a good. Interviewing with them on their terms puts pro-life people on their field, playing by their rules and using their judges. It amounts to folly at best.


The only fair way to present the murder of unborn children is to present it as horribly wrong. Doing so means using honest semantics. It also means that story topics need to cover A) the unborn child's humanity, B) positive aspects about pro-lifers, C) what abortion really is and D) the harm to women from it, rather than the other way around. The media are to be commended for presenting racism as wrong. It needs to do the same for the lives of unborn children. It's who we all used to be.

Finally, America's mass media is truly Public Enemy #1 and they need to change. In order to change let's speak their language, the language of finance. So let's be sure to:

1) Turn them off and put wholesome activities into our lives.

2) Boycott subscription media.

3) Boycott nationally advertised brands which pay the salaries of non-subscription media.

Such is not sacrifice. Let's recognize we're in a culture war where the stakes could not be higher. Most importantly, we mustn't feed our enemy - the enemy of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

By: Ron Galloy, Director
Life: God's Sacred Gift / 718-653-5739
For copy and distribution. No credit required.

Media Responsibility Regarding Human Life

An important and serious responsibility belongs to those involved in the mass media, who are called to ensure that the messages which they so effectively transmit will support the culture of life. They need to present noble models of life and make room for instances of people's positive and sometimes heroic love for others. With great respect they should also present the positive values of sexuality and human love, and not insist on what defiles and cheapens human dignity. In their interpretation of things, they should refrain from emphasizing anything that suggests or fosters feelings or attitudes of indifference, contempt or rejection in relation to human life. With scrupulous concern for factual truth, they are called to combine freedom of information with respect for every person and a profound sense of humanity. From: The Gospel of Life encyclical, # 98.

- Life is the best thing there is -

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