Abortion and the Media

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In three weeks, as many children die from surgical abortion alone, as all Americans killed in Viet Nam over 11 years (57,000.) Over 45 million children have lost their lives this barbaric way since 1973. Countless others have lost theirs to abortive drugs and devices. If one were to compare Viet Nam's war dead (57,000) to only the children surgically killed, a memorial of the same width as that in Washington D.C for Viet Nam's soldiers would be over one mile high for the unborn. Incomprehensible is the children's holocaust.  Who is it that leads the war against the unborn and why is so little headway being made? The media is the answer to both. They are the one's who shape public thought sufficiently to keep electing pro-abortion senators. In turn it's the Senate that approves judges to the federal bench, who in turn uphold pro-abortion laws.

Ron Galloy, Director
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