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What you should know about Planned Parenthood!

Planned Parenthood is a high dollar money making organization which receives money from the government as well as automatic contributions from United Way

Following is a partial financial breakdown of Planned Parenthood's income for 2011 (Financial Statement - available on request)

The income of Planned Parenthood is over one billion dollars a year! Here's the percentage breakdown:

Planned Parenthood states that they are not 'selling' abortion and that they have counselors to offer all their clients alternatives to abortion. Abby Johnson who ran a Planned Parenthood clinic states that she was very pressured to encourage all the pregnant ladies who came into the clinic to have abortions.

Additionally several surveys of clients of Planned Parenthood, revealed a different story. The following survey reported by Human Life International, is typical:

It seems that the only 'choice' Planned Parenthood is offering is abortion!

Planned Parenthood does a lot of abortions at many of their facilities including the horrible partial birth abortion in which a pre-born infant, often viable, is turned and delivered breech, up to the head, then a scissors is inserted into the head and the brain is suctioned out, killing the infant and collapsing the head so the baby can be more easily delivered.

Here is the way Planned Parenthood describes the partial birth abortion:

"Some providers use a three step D&E procedure instead of the induction method for abortions after 24 weeks. In the first two steps, the cervix is dilated several times until it is wide enough to allow removal of the fetus with grasping instruments."

Planned Parenthood states that they care about the children and the family but actions speak louder than words. Planned Parenthood:

The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger felt that people who were not rich and intelligent should not have children and that the handicapped and mentally handicapped and very poor should be sterilized. According to articles appearing in the internal Planned Parenthood publications, the sentiment among the leaders of Planned Parenthood is very similar to that of the foundress.

Margaret Sanger, before she was involved in Planned Parenthood was active in an organization called "The Protective Society for Children". This organization advocated that children be allowed to continue to labor in the sweat shops at a young age, despite the fact that children were dropping dead from the conditions and bad environment and long hours. In other words, the Society did the opposite of their name - they were not interested in protecting the child but rather interested in protecting the owners of the sweat labor shops who were exploiting the children for monetary purposes. It seems that this deception is being carried through in Planned Parenthood's endeavor to appear `concerned' for the health of the woman and her child. (Hunt, Irene, "THE LOTTERY ROSE")

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