Partial birth abortion

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This is a late term abortion often done on a viable (able to live outside the womb) fetus. The fetus is turned in the womb to a breech position and pulled 3/4 of the way, out feet first (after the mother has received chemicals to dilate her cervix).  In order to allow the head of the baby to pass easily through the birth canal, the abortionist makes a hole in the baby's skull (still inside the womb) and suctions the brain out, collapsing the head. He then pulls out the dead baby the rest of the way.

It was invented by Martin Haskell, who states he has done "thousands of these" for elective purposes (not health reasons).  Dr Warren Hern who wrote - what is considered - the textbook on abortion, wrote in the "American Medical news" in 1995 that partial birth abortion is "never necessary to preserve a woman's health." (Dr. Warren Hern, in American  Medical News, Nov 20, 1995)

"With all abortion, the later in pregnancy an abortion is performed, the more complicated the procedure and the greater the risk of injury to the woman. In addition to associated emotional reactions, D&X carries the risk of injury to the woman, including heavy bleeding, blood clots, damage to the cervix or uterus, pelvic infection, and anesthesia-related complications. There also is a risk of incomplete abortion, meaning that the fetus is not dead when removed from the woman's body. Possible long-term risks include difficulty becoming pregnant or carrying a future pregnancy to term."

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Dr Tiller was murdered in church - he was active in the reform Lutheran church.  He was the most famous specialist in late term abortions.  He had a chaplain on hand in his abortion clinic and also on request, would bring out the aborted late term baby, allow photographs, perform baptisms and other ceremonies.  Then he incinerated the baby that he had killed.  Interesting about this is that this was an admission that the fetus was not only HUMAN but likely a PERSON (who could be photographed, baptized etc).  Yet in a 1999 interview, Tiller told the reporters that he thought abortion was appropriate up to the day of birth and that UNTIL the day of birth, it was the MOTHER who was his patient and not the baby.

(the above from an interview with Fr Frank Pavone, right after Tiller's death)

One of Dr Tiller's memorials - this baby was murdered because she had cystic fibrosis

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