Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood

Before you "run for the cure", did you know:

No wonder they can afford expensive media advertising!  There is a lot of bucks exchanging hands there!

An even stranger thing we have encountered TWO paid volunteer coordinators working for Planned Parenthood, who admitted that part of their jobs is to raise funds for Susan G. Komen!

With the two way flow of money, it is strongly suspected that Planned Parenthood may own or partially own Susan G. Komen, which would, of course, explain the meteoric rise of Susan G. Komen, which appeared from nowhere one year to run massive ad campaigns for their fund raises (they often put 4 - 6 page color ads in women's magazines).

That Susan G. Komen gives large amounts of money to Planned Parenthood which is interesting because the two most avoidable causes of breast cancer are elective abortion and estrogen birth control medication.

The following links show a flow of money from Susan G. Komen to Planned Parenthood:

Donation to Planned Parenthood from the Denver Susan B Komen:

Grants are "up to $50,000" says the site but somehow Planned Parenthood got more.

A page for the Komen sponsored "Race for the Cure" states that a $78,000 dollar grant was given to the Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood:

*****"Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Inc. Ė Denver Breast Cancer Screening Program ($78,056)"*****

The Dallas Susan G Komen chapter also made a donation from the $850,000 dollars donated, to Planned Parenthood of Dallas.  (this link has been removed from their website)


The Central Oklahoma Komen org stated that they gave a donation to the local Planned Parenthood: (this link has been removed)

I found many other very interesting facts about Susan B Komen and Planned Parenthood.

For example, Planned Parenthood mentioned in their newsletter in 1997, that they were planning to work WITH the Susan G. Komen organization.  (this link has been removed)

Here again, suggests the two way cash flow which would likely mean that Planned Parenthood is an owner or partial owner of Susan G. Komen.  Since the links above which were live have been removed, is Susan G. Komen trying to cover up now?

The National Susan G. Komen organization also shows a grant to a 'scientist' at Planned Parenthood. I found the following listed among the "Population" grants:

*****"Nomeolvides (Forget Me Not) Stefany LeVrier, LSW Planned Parenthood Association of Cameron and Willacy Counties, Inc."*****

Interestingly enough when I clicked on the "sponsor" button on the national Komen website, it gave me a 'page not found' error... an error message from the website not a "404" which means the page is not there and the webmaster put up the error message. Money to fund the rich Susan G. Komen organization may be coming from the pharmaceutical industry. I found the following headline on a news page on the National site

*****"Komen Foundation Supports Currently Recommended Use of Tamoxifen In the July 4, 2001, issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), investigators from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Wash., published an article entitled, "Tamoxifen Therapy for Primary Breast Cancer and Risk of Contralateral Cancer." ******

Most research on Tamoxifen shows it ineffective for preventing breast cancer and in one study, women on tamoxifen who had already had breast cancer, actually had a HIGHER rate of breast cancer than those not on the medication.

In a Healthgram in 1998, I put out the following information:

******"Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 01:08:42 -0700 From: Sue Widemark <> To: Subject: Maybe Tamoxifen doesn't really prevent breast cancer

The prestigious medical journal, the "Lancet" reported on two Europian studies, involving some 7900 women wherein the researchers saw NO evidence that the medication, Tamoxifen had any effect on preventing breast cancer. Scientists at Royal Marsden Hospital in London and also, those in Milan, Italy, observed that there was no difference between those on tamoxifen and those who were not taking the medication - the breast cancer incidence in both groups was about equal. - Dr Trevor Powles, leader of the British study, said that his study didn't prove that Tamoxifen DIDN'T prevent cancer but only that there was insufficient evidence to declare it as preventing cancer. He also reminded that the drug has some serious side effects like causing blood clots and also increases the risk of uterine cancer."*******

The FDA recently added Tamoxifen to their list of known cancer causing chemicals because it has been observed to cause uterine cancer. One can see why the pharmaceutical concerns would like a large wealthy organization like Susan G. Komen to advertise their drug of questionable use. It's a cash cow that they don't wish to lose!

In purusing the pages on the above websites, I noticed a couple of things:

* Susan G. Komen has not donated to any Catholic organizations that I can find.

* Susan G. Komen also donates to lesbian organizations supporting mammography etc.

* Susan G. Komen in their "education" about breast cancer says little to nothing about estrogen (the national site states that hormones "slightly" increase the risk of breast cancer - this is untrue when studies since the 1930's have shown that rats when injected with estrogen GET breast cancer and that estrogen has recently been added to the FDA's list of known cancer causing chemicals. Breast cancer is more than a SLIGHT risk if you take the Pill or are in HRT! Of course, that's a cash cow to the pharmaceuticals also. Wyeth-Ayrest claims that 9 million women are on THEIR estrogen product, Premarin.

* Susan G. Komen says NOTHING about the strong link of abortion to breast cancer, despite this having been proven in most studies. The only study which did not show a link was the Welbye study and that was proven flawed in that MOST of the pertinent info was NOT collected for the study!

If you are a Catholic or a pro life person who has donated or supported the Susan G. Komen organization, you might definitely wish to re-think your position. Since some of the money going to the Susan G. Komen organization will doubtlessly end up in a place which terminates infants in utero (Planned Parenthood), it may not be a group you wish to support.

After all, if Susan B Komen is supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion, then they are ENCOURAGING breast cancer, not curing it!  This is because it has been well proven on 29 out of 34 recognized studies, that induced abortion is one of the more preventable CAUSES of breast cancer!

More research material follows:

Tuesday, December 24, 2002 ∑ Last updated 9:08 a.m. PT

Bristol-Myers Hires Former Prosecutor


NEW YORK -- Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. hired former a former federal prosecutor to conduct an internal probe of a sales practice that will slash the company's earnings this year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Bristol-Myers retained Mary Jo White, a former U.S. attorney in Manhattan, to review the company's practice known as channel stuffing - which is offering wholesalers deep discounts to generate sales, the paper reported. The effort sharply cut this year's sales and earnings because wholesalers already had too much product on hand, and spurred investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department.

Earlier this year, Bristol-Myers acknowledged the practice was forcing it to restate earnings as far back as 2000. The company is expected to restate results early next year.

Bristol-Myers and Ms. White's law firm, Debevoise & Plimpton, declined to comment on the report.

Susan Braun, pres and CEO of Susan G. Komen was affiliated with Bristol-Myers:

Susan Braun, president and chief executive officer, joined the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in July 1996. She works with Foundation volunteers and staff to fulfill the organizationís mission: to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening and treatment. Her commitment to this mission is fueled by her professional background and her personal losses to breast cancer. Among her present appointments and responsibilities, Ms. Braun serves on leadership committees for several organizations, including: the National Action Plan on Breast Cancer, American Society of Clinical Oncology (international and health services research), American Society for Breast Disease (ASBD), World Society of Breast Health, Americorps NCCC, and on the Editorial Boards of the Breast Journal, and Managed Care and Cancer.

Prior to joining the Komen Foundation, Ms. Braun served in various positions within the Oncology/Immunology Division at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Princeton, New Jersey. Prior to joining Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ms. Braun was an executive with the health care consulting firm Pracon Incorporated and the Center for Economic Studies in Medicine.

Ms. Braun received a bachelorís degree, with honors, in English and sociology from George Mason University and a masterís degree, with honors, in health sciences from the University of Maryland. She also completed the graduate program in international marketing at the University of Muenster in Muenster, Germany.

Susan G. Komen is Nancy Brinker's sister: Brinker's husband is:

Norman Brinker
Mr. Brinker is chairman of Brinker International, a restaurant group that includes Chiliís Grill & Bar and Romanoís Macaroni Grill, among others. Mr. Brinker began his career in the restaurant industry in 1957 with Jack-In-The-Box. He established Steak and Ale restaurants in 1965. Steak and Ale merged with Pillsbury in 1976, and in 1982, he became president of the Pillsbury Restaurant Group, overseeing such restaurants as Steak and Ale, Burger King and Benniganís. In 1983, he invested in and became chairman and CEO of Chiliís, Inc., now known as Brinker International. He has served on the Foundation Board since 1982.

Article by Sue Widemark

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