In 1986, government scientists wrote a letter to the British journal Lancet and acknowledged that abortion is a cause of breast cancer. They wrote, "Induced abortion before first term pregnancy increases the risk of breast cancer." (Lancet, 2/22/86, p. 436)

An international womenís group denounced an anti-cancer organization, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, for having granted funds over the past several years to Planned Parenthood, the nationís largest abortion provider, in spite of the fact that 38 worldwide studies have suggest a strong link between abortion and breast cancer. (Including the well respected studies of pro choice scientist, Janet Daling!) Refer to Science Informational website for further information.

The stated mission of the Susan G. Komen Foundation is to "fight" breast cancer, but chapters in several states have all donated thousands of bucks to their local Planned Parenthood associations and Planned Parenthood now openly helps in raising funding for Komen!

For example, recently, the Colorado Springs affiliate donated $71,900 to Planned Parenthood.

Here are a few websites which show the two organizations are joined at the hips:

Planned Parenthood raising bucks for Komen?

Planned Parenthood among Komen Grant recipients

from Planned Parenthood site - fighting cancer together

Mrs. Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer contended that, "While breast cancer screening and detection are necessary and of great importance to women, we find it appalling that an anti-breast cancer foundation would help fund Planned Parenthood whose sales of birth control products and abortion Ďservicesí contribute significantly to the breast cancer rates in this country. Planned Parenthood markets itself as a servant of the poor, but it serves low income women about as well as a tobacco company providing screenings for lung cancer to the poor. How does it benefit a low income woman to patronize Planned Parenthood if her breast cancer was induced by birth control products or an abortion procured from that organization in the first place? Planned Parenthood is profiting on both ends of this deal."

Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, author of the book, Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill, wrote that "...several papers have noted that women who have had an abortion at a young age or had taken OCPs (oral contraceptive pills) early in life, developed a more aggressive type of cancer." (p. 76)

In 1997, Mrs. Malec encouraged the Susan G. Komen Foundation "to put aside its ideology in favor of womenís health by discontinuing its funding of Planned Parenthood." however, Komen support of Planned Parenthood is still going on in 2009!

Individuals can contact the Susan G. Komen Foundationís headquarters at the following:

Contact number: 1-877 GO KOMEN (1-877-465-6636) or contact via website:

Susan G Komen website contact

Christians and Catholics are encouraged to not "race for the cure" but rather support an organization which does NOT support the largest provider of abortions in the world.

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