Is this fetus, a baby?

The following photo shows a fetus reaching out of the womb during surgery (inserting a brain shunt).  The little boy was 24 weeks gestation when his hand reached for the surgeon's.  This is the usual age when babies, fully developed as this boy is, are aborted by partial birth abortion and their body parts sold for stem cell and fetal tissue research.  This lucky little boy not only lived but is developing normally after birth thanks to the surgeon and his caring parents.  As usual the photo is worth 1000 words.

A 24 week fetus reaches out his hand during surgery

A year or two after the fact, the photographer who was pro choice and instructed by the doctor to take the photo, tried to say it was a fake but the doctor remained steady in his statement that this actually DID happen.

Source:CNN copyrighted photo printed under title 17 for non profit for the education of those who have expressed an interest

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