Death Penalty Factoid

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  • According to most statistics, 25 percent of those executed are PROVEN innocent after their death
  • Ex-governor of Illinois, Ryan, found that there was "reasonable doubt" in the case of 85 percent of prisoners on death row.  (He gave them all a pardon before he left the governor's office.) He stated on the Oprah TV show interview, that his several year long study showed that the percentage of those executed against whom there was "reasonable doubt" was the same in most states as it was in Illinois.
  • Since murder is a crime of passion, the death penalty is not a good deterrent against murder.  Some 80 percent of murders remain unsolved because the person only murdered once (Mesa Police Dept statistics)
  • Although the Catholic church acknowledges that there is a diversity of opinion about the death penalty, it states in the Catechism that the death penalty should be avoided unless no other way is seen to deal with the criminal.  (It is the opinion of most church officials that there is ALWAYS another way to deal with a criminal)
  • An individual who does repeat murders may not value his/her own life either - death by lethal injection which is quick and painless may not be a deterrent whereas life in prison MAY be a deterrent.
  • The argument that the death penalty saves the tax payer money may be wasting a human being - there have been many cases of murderers reforming and living out worthwhile lives.  In a compassionate society, money must never take precedence over human life.
  • If the state "solves a problem" by executing a human being, what message does this give the citizens about how to solve a problem?  The death penalty may actually encourage murder or executions by citizens.