Abortion is murder, says ex-abortionist

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The following is one of the most amazing conversion stories I have EVER read.  I thought it very relevant because the man was more than pro abortion.  He had been a Communist who had performed as many as 62,000 abortions and yet, God DIRECTLY (without a precipating party) touched his heart and did the St Paul thing on him and his conversion was from Communist/atheist/baby murderer to one of the big pro life fighters in his country.  My husband found the story and it turned my life around - and brought me out of the near despair I felt after the election of Obama - nothing is impossible with God! This abortionist personally did 62,000 abortions....  the most amazing part of the story is in German and I have translated it from the German site - here it is and I pray it will lift your heart, in reminding of the POWER of God as it lifted mine - the answer is not doing more fear mongering or rumor spreading, but to storm Heaven with prayers for what God did with this abortionist, He can also do with those in the administration who are pro abortion:

Madrid, Nov 12, 2008 / 09:21 pm (CNA).- The Spanish daily "La Razon" has published an article on the pro-life conversion of a former "champion of abortion." Stojan Adasevic, who performed 48,000 or more abortions, sometimes up to 35 per day, is now the most important pro-life leader in Serbia, after 26 years as the most renowned abortion doctor in the country.


A pro life website in German states:


Last weekend, with relatively calm voice the former abortion doctor Dr. Stojan Adasevic told an estimated 300 people in Salzburg, Vienna and Graz his story. The fact that he no longer had been able to sleep at night, as an abortionist who had done from 42,000 to 62,000 abortions. The fact that he made the trip to Austria, despite being 71 years old in less than good health (2 heart attacks and 3 bypass surgeries).

His co-speaker was Charlotte Carter, formerly the theater photographer in Germany and mother of a child.  - One child, she had aborted out of desperation. "If only someone had told me what it would mean to not have my child to hold and love - if only one person had told me, the life of my child would have been saved." Ms Carter told the audience. "Today, only God Himself, can forgive me!"  Mrs. Carter volunteers in the Austrian Life Movement, helping women in distress either before or after abortion.

A doctor and a woman. Two different people in different life situations and their only connection, the suffering that abortion causes.

Dr Adasevic practiced for 26 years as a leading doctor in a socialist state hospital in Belgrade and had long been convinced that what his professors had taught him was true  Namely, that an abortion and an appendectomy hardly differ - both were only tissue to be removed.  His first doubts came in the 1980s with the introduction of Ultrasound in the Yugoslav hospitals.  Adasevic now had the opportunity to see in the uterus and to consider the "fabric" of the "contents of the uterus".

But "I saw without looking," he says today. 

"[However] Everything changed, when those dreams began" Adasevic continued.

Night after night he had the same dream:

He is walking through a peaceful field and yet he feels an oppressive feeling of stress.  Suddenly, ahead of him, he sees smiling children aged between three and 20 years old.  A boy and two girls, who look strangely familiar, come to him, but he doesn't know where he recognizes them from. When he wants to talk to them, they flee from him, screaming, as if they feared for their lives. And always around watching, there is a man dressed in a black habit.

Adasevic woke up every night from this dream in a cold sweat and lay awake until morning not being able to get back to sleep. One night in the dream, he succeeded in talking to one of the children, but the child begins to scream: "Help! Murderer! Save me from the murderers!" Immediately the man in the Habit transforms into a black eagle and the bird snatches the child. The next night the abortionist managed to ask the strange man who he was. "Thomas Aquinas', the man answered but Adasevic had never been heard of that name .  The man in the black habit, said "but who are the children you are seeing night after night: These are those children whom, you, Adasevic have killed by abortion."

Then Adasevic suddenly remembers why he recognized the boy and two girls. The boy seems to look like the child of a close friend whose wife he had done an abortion on, 20 years ago. Even with the two girls he can connect them to their mothers - one is his cousin. As Adasevic awoke, he decided to never again, in his life do another abortion.

An promise, he ended up breaking a few hours later.  When he arrived at the hospital later that morning, he found a cousin waiting for him, with his four months-pregnant girlfriend, who wanted to get her ninth abortion-something quite frequent in the countries of the Soviet bloc. Adasevic didn't want to perform the abortion however, his cousin's insistance was persuasive.  Finally, reluctantly, he agreed.

He killed the larger fetus quickly but while he was removing body parts, an arm fell out into the iodine solution and jerked as if it were alive.  Shocked by the sight, he made an effort to carefully remove the other body parts.  But one leg fell into the iodine solution - and moved. However, the biggest shock was yet to come. "Then I pulled something out from the womb ... and ... no! - [It was] a beating heart! [As I held the heart] the beating slowed down and then, stopped. In that moment I knew I had murdered a human being. " Horrified and pleading for mercy, he threw the instruments of abortion down, never again to touch them."

Dr Stojan Adasevic informed the socialist leadership of the hospital that he would no longer perform abortions. In response, his salary was reduced by half, his daughter lost her job and his son was not admitted to the university .  The media launched a smear campaign against him. But Adasevic has not been deterred by this pressure.

Adasevic became involved in the pro-life movement and was able to get Yugoslav television to air the film 'The Silent Scream,' by Doctor Bernard Nathanson, two times."

Adasevic has told his story in magazines and newspapers throughout Eastern Europe. He has returned to the Orthodox faith of his childhood and has studied the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Today the 71 year old Serbian doctor continues to fight for the lives of the unborn. Despite failing health, he is active in the right to life movement and its fight against abortion and has now written a book entitled "Sacred Life", so far only available in Serbian, English and French.  "We must inform the women about what it means to have an abortion. And what physical and psychological consequences are associated with it. But many do not want to hear what the women victims and psychologists have to say," said Dr. Adasevic. Dr. Stojan Adasivic clarifies: "Abortion is murder and I was the executioner."