Abby Johnson - Two abortionists

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In the following text, former head of a Planned Parenthood clinic, Abby Johnson contrasts two individuals - one abortion provider who is still doing abortions and an ex-abortionist who now is pro life, who became pro life as a result of Abby's ministry..

About the author: Abby Johnson is a highly intelligent woman who quickly rose to management in Planned Parenthood and was given her own clinic to run.  But when Planned Parenthood central office sent out notices that the clinics should do more abortions because that was their best profit, Johnson was shocked and disillusioned  - her desire was to cut down the number of abortions and not increase them.  She began to listen to the "40 days for life" folks who regularly marched outside her clinic and one day, appeared in the 40 days for life office (much to the amazement of the director!) and the rest is history.

Abby had the courage to quit her career job at Planned Parenthood and now is a speaker and advocate for the Pro Life Movement!  She sends out emails and she wrote a really interesting book which is available on the web at her website

Two Abortionists by Abby Johnson

The Current Abortionist If you are ever unsure about the work we are doing, you can now feel confident that it works! I received an email from a current abortionist this week. He received one our ATTWN fliers from a prayer volunteer. Here is his first contact to me.

"Pro-lifers, anti-choice, please just admit you dislike women already will you? There is a big pink elephant here, though. I do wonder if you would understand.

As an OB/GYN I was trained to perform the procedure involved with a pregnancy termination.The procedure is called a D&C.As well as late-term abortions. Or would you know about that Abby? Women should not be forced to be a "baby factory" as many of us have heard it termed. Guilt trips? Those flyers don't help."

I responded and told him that our goal was to help people leave the abortion industry through practical help, compassion and healing. I also explained that our fliers were indeed working. I told him that we have helped FORTY-FOUR workers find help after leaving the abortion industry. I wasn't sure at the time if he was a current abortionist...then I got his response. Warning: there is graphic language in this email response.

"44? Well, what do you know. Sorry Abby, in my eyes, all pro-life crowd are one in the same. We get tired of their approach.

While you're at it, tell the crew at "Abolish Human Abortion" to cut the sh*t too. Anyone who likes them, hates, extremely hates each and every person that goes into a clinic; down on the women, huh? Yes! They proudly tell you who they are with..and I have never met a more arrogant bunch of sh*t talkers who think they know everything and anything about everyone. "WE'RE BETTER THAN YOU!", one shouted. Can't anyone go to work in peace? You can't without being beat up with words. If one seriously thinks that helps anyone, they're out of their flipping minds. If they're not shouting at you, they do other things, no sane person would do, but it's their "right" to protest. Need I say the word "murderer" too? Nice Christians. They call themselves "Christian" and in the name of their God..they call people names? Need I go any further? It's all hatred! Go away and everything will be just fine. And yes, I do throw the baby out with the bathwater."

My response was simple. I explained that we would never treat him or any other worker or woman with disrespect . I told him that our goal was to bring about conversion through love and help. We do NOT think we are "better" than anyone. We are ALL sinners, in need of compassion and care. His next response shocked me...and showed me that, yes, the fliers DO work.

"Well then that's rare & it's not seen much.

Also, I have to apologize to you. It was suggested I apologize. I was attempting, out of anger to "chew up" someone, as I received one of your flyers & I was sick of it. That was rather immature. I'm sorry."

Wow! A genuine apology. The conversation is ongoing and we are fervently praying for this man. Please keep him in your prayers!! And PLEASE keep sending the fliers into the abortion clinics!!

The Former Abortionist I also received an email from a former abortionist. She wanted to share her story with me and also with all of you.

"I just wanted to let you know, you've touched my heart. For years...too many years to count, I murdered countless children..up until 3 months ago that is. I believed I was doing what was best at the time. I worked for Planned Parenthood.

I became hardened and cold to the fact, I was killing children. How I, a physician who had taken an oath to preserve life can perform abortions -- can actually kill defenseless unborn babies -- literally ripped out, many times in pieces, from the mother's womb, is beyond me..but I see it now. Partial-birth abortions was my living. :'(

Finally one day, something hit me...and my hard-heart began to soften. After receiving a pro-life tract, and having read it; I got angry, but I didn't throw it away. And then for some reason, I couldn't perform abortions anymore.

I broke down that day and felt like I had died on the inside. Millions of emotions came at me and I had a weight of guilt, on my shoulders so heavy. So heavy, worse than any depression I've ever felt.

I felt like, for every baby I had taken from this world, a part of me died as well. I cry as I write this. I cry for the mothers, the fathers..who decided because of "choice" they would kill their children. I cry for the babies, who were brutally murdered at my hand. It takes a lot to admit that. ALOT.

Where is the churches? The outreach groups? Get out there! Do something. Please! Don't say, "it isn't my field" Shouldn't it be every moral person's responsibility, to defend the defenseless? And don't tell me pro-life outreach doesn't work, or tracts don't help. It certainly did for me.

There's not a day that goes by now, where my heart isn't heavy with grief, or I don't angry. I can only hope God can forgive me. If anyone deserves a hell, it's the one who murders children."

We are also here for this woman, this former abortionist. We are keeping the conversation open and offering healing resources to her. We are also in prayer for her...and all current and former abortion providers. This is what we are all about...conversion. We will continue to reach out to these men and women in love. Hate doesn't work. Condemnation doesn't work. Judgment doesn't work. The mercy of Christ is what WORKS. Please pray with us. Please go out to a local prayer vigil and offer real help to those inside the industry. Please send in the fliers. You are making a difference.

For all life,

Abby Johnson Founder/President